Interrun 1989-2006 – Video Installation, Lost &Found, Street Level Gallery, Glasgow April 17- May 30, 2010 ▶︎

A re-envisioned version of the original video-wall work commissioned by Video Positive89. This is a 3 channel, 16 x monitor video-wall. Sound by Lei Cox. Exhibited in Lost & Found, Street Level, Glasgow, 2006, Curator Malcolm Dickson. Click here for composite video file of the 3 channels: ▶︎

Interrun 1989 Video Wall Installation

Videowall installed at Tate Liverpool 1989
Close up of Interrun

The original work was commissioned as part of the National Video Wall project led by Steve Littman and exhibited at Tate Liverpool as part of Video Positive ’89 in 1989. It is a 4-channel work with quick flowing imagery which explores the dynamics of the camera’s ‘window on the world’. A range of landscape scenes were shot which have movement both within them and produced by the camera by means of tracking shots, panning etc. A high shutter speed and slow motion further develops the dynamics. By programming these different scenes and movements into and across the video-wall another level of flow and counterflow is introduced. The soundtrack was produced by using the found soundscapes associated with the images using digital sampling and composed by Lei Cox.

The video-was was also exhibited at Video vis a vis Video, The Diorama, Camden, London, 26 November – 3 December. Brochure available here. ▶︎