Quattro Minuti di Mezzogiorno 2010. ▶︎ HiDefinition Video installation and joint work with Elaine Shemilt. Exhibited in Fuoriluogo 15 – Una Regressione Motivata, Limiti Inchiusi Arte Contemporanea, Campobasso, Molise, Italy. 18 December – 23 January 2011.  Exhibition included work by Fausto Colavecchia (IT), Douglas Gordon (GB), and was curated by Deirdre MacKenna, Director of Stills – Scotland’s centre for photography in Edinburgh.

Monitor Live!, 2008. ▶︎ A performance and re-enactment of Monitor for Expanded Cinema: Activating The Space Of Reception, 17 – 19 April 2009, TATE Modern, 2008; subsequently at the National Review of Live Art (NRLA30), the Arches, Glasgow, 2010 .

Interrun 1989-2006. ▶︎ Re-envisioned 3 channel, 16 x monitor video-wall. Sound by Lei Cox. Lost & Found, Street Level, Glasgow, 2006.

HiDeeHiDiddleLadyHiDeeHiDeeHiDoh 2006. ▶︎ – 2 screen installation. First shown as part of Captured, Video section of National Review of Live Art, Tramway, Glasgow, Feb, 2006.

Chimera 1998. ▶︎ A 4 projector installation onto Latex – joint work with Elaine Shemilt- for the SSA (Scottish Society of Artists) at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, October 1998. Sunsequently shown at the opening of DCA, Centrespace, Dundee, March 1999; the Dick Institute July 1999, Peacock Gallery, Aberdeen 2000.

Intangible Bodies 1999. ▶︎ A joint work with Elaine Shemilt. A series of 30 digital prints and etchings. Cooper Gallery, DJCAD, Dundee, March 1999 ; the Dick Institute July 1999; Crawford Arts Centre, St Andrews, March-May 2000; Peacock Gallery, Aberdeen 2000.

…for one of your smiles 1999. ▶︎ a 2- channel/projector installation. Cooper Gallery, DJCAD, Dundee, March 1999 and the Dick Institute, Kilmarnock, July 1999; Street Level, Glasgow October 1999, Peacock Gallery, Aberdeen 2000.

Monitor, 1974-1996, ▶︎– and Easy Piece 1974, ▶︎ black & white video installation versions for 9″ Sony International TV/Monitor and plinth. Produced for Media Circus – research show of the School of Television & Imaging, DJCAD, Dundee, 1996. The Showroom, London, 1997; Cooper Gallery, DJCAD, Dundee, March 1999; The Dick Institute July 1999; Peacock Gallery, Aberdeen 2000; Experiments in the Moving Image, Old Lumiere Cinema, London, 2004; Rewind | Soft Launch, VRC Dundee Contemporary Arts, 2006; Artists’ Video in the 70s & 80s, doggerfisher gallery, Edinburgh, 2008; British Artists’ Video in the 1970s and 1980s, Dundee Contemporary Arts, November 2012; CURRENT: Contemporary Art from Scotland, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, China, 17th December 2016 – 15th January 2017; Laboratory of Presentation Techniques, Arton Foundation, Warsaw, March – April 2021; Modern Conversations, Tate St Ives, May 2021

Interrun 1989. ▶︎ 3 channel, 34 x monitor video-wall. Sound by Lei Cox. For Video Positive89, Tate Gallery, Liverpool

Interun 1986. ▶︎ A 3 channel video installation, 16 monitors. For Events Space, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

Scape 1985. ▶︎ A 2 channel video installation, 6 monitors. For the Cooper Gallery, DJCA, Dundee.

Display-Displaced 1981. ▶︎ A 12 monitor video installation. For Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Study in blue 1979. ▶︎ A 2 channel video installation, 4 x monitors. For the Kitchen, New York, USA

Dialogue for Four Players 1978. ▶︎ Video Installation 4 channels, 4 x monitors. For AIR Gallery London

Sketch for a square 1978. ▶︎ Video installation with videotape loop, 4 monitor. For Video Art 78, Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry

A coincidence of space 1977. ▶︎ A 2 channel video installation, 10 x monitors for ‘Paris Biennalle’, Palais des Tokyo, Paris, France

Delineations 1977. ▶︎ Two 100 foot sound and audio tape loops. For Ayton Basement, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

A spatial drawing; a condition of space 1976. ▶︎ An 8 slide projection. For 2b Butlers Wharf, London, March 1976.

8 x 8 x 8 1976. ▶︎ Video Installation for 8x monitors, 8 x cameras, auto switcher, cctv. Commissioned for The Video Show, Tate Gallery, London.

Installation No 1 1976. ▶︎ Video Installation, 6 x monitors, 4 camera cctv. For ‘Towards Defining An Aesthetic’, Third Eye Centre, Glasgow


Triad 1976. ▶︎ 3-channel slide installation. For ICA, London

Nonsense, No-sense, Sentences 1994 for Persuasion and Hypercard selected for TOYBOX CDROM Videopositive 1995

If then else…More on true or false, 1984, 2-channel interactive video work with BBC micro-computer, Cooper Gallery, DJCAD

This is a sentence. 1999 With David Cunningham. CDROM. Released through independent record label Piano and Film & Video Umbrella in 2000.

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