Monitor was made in 1974 and exploits the visual feedback phenomenon when a video camera is pointed at its own monitor. However the feedback is simulated and the image actually a replay of the visual space within the monitor. An active diagonal line across the framed space, repeated in the chain of monitors, is now dynamic rather than assertively flat. The logic of tautology or self-embedded system is at the core of the piece. In this version, first presented at TATE Modern in  2009, the work is performed live and with a live relay to a projector and another layer of ‘feedback’ added. This was part of Expanded Cinema: Activating The Space Of Reception, 17 – 19 April 2009, TATE Modern. ▶︎

Starr Auditorium TATE Modern 2009. Link to Video documentation ▶︎

The work was also re-enacted at the National Reviews of Live Art (NRLA30), The Arches, Glasgow, in 2010, (30th Anniversary of the NRLA). Link to Video documentation ▶︎