….for one of your smiles

… for one of your smiles, 1999, 2- projector installation.

The installation consists of two large video projected images on opposite end walls of the space. One image is a close-up of a woman’s mouth the other a man’s mouth. Over a 58 minute period each mouth occasionally breaks into a smile. All the information relating to the video image’s clour, brightness, movement etc was stored in a computer as pixel maps and manipulated by After Effects. The information was manipulated by redistributing the pixels into new maps, thus producing altered images. The slow transformation of te images is the result of the re-mapping of the pixels which, because they do not ‘belong’ to any particular moment of the image can be shifted from time to time frame. Each frame becomes past, present, and future. The relationship and timing of the smiles on/between the man and the woman adds another dimension to the work during its duration, suggesting direct interaction and reaction between the two protagonists. As the work is front-projected the audience also cast shadows on the projections, interrupting the light beams.

The soundtrack by David Cunningham is specially modified to enhance the apparent ‘normal-ness’ of the passage of time whilst suggesting some sort of modification/intervention in the process.

“Ironically, the best of all that Dundee currently has to offer is here, in Partridge’s video installation: …for one of your smiles, with sound by David Cunningham. Electroni scanning and those magic pixels make his/hers slow motion smiles continuously…..” CLARE HENRY’s Review, The Herald, March 22nd 1999